FemmeFlexor™ - A Customer Letter

Dear Wanda, 
Two months ago I purchased a FemmeFlexor from you as I was looking for something to help me exercise my kegel muscles and actually identify where they were and that I was contracting them correctly.  You directed me to this new product that you had developed - the FemmeFlexor.
Wow!  It’s amazing. It’s soft and flexible.  Stays put and does not slide out.  I can feel it as I contract muscles and I can tell that I’m working the correct muscles as a result.  I’ve started using it in conjunction with some core strengthening exercises that require me to tighten my kegels at the same time I tighten some of my core muscles.  It’s made my exercises make sense and therefore easier.  As I result I’m motivated and doing my exercises everyday.  
At the time I purchased this you were working on improving your design to not have such a long handle.  Please let me know when this is available as I’d be very interested in it.  I’ve tried doing some of my exercises while moving around the house or sitting and you were right that the handle sticks out a bit more than is comfortable.  It’s not horrible but I would be interested in purchasing the newer model when it becomes available.  
Thank you again for developing such a great product.  
Jane Doe

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