FEMMEflexor™ - A Final Analysis

Disclaimer: This article contains candid, explicit and sometimes clinical material, that may be more suitable for feminine audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

After several years of using a great variety of feminine tools, toys, and devices, in the magical cave of My nether region, I am tempted to say, that in discovering the FEMMEflexor™, I may well have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of feminine products. When first asked to test this product by Wanda Cotie, My intuition immediately spoke up with a resounding “Hell yeah!”, as I had already been feeling the need to get My magnificent muff back into tip top condition. So I accepted the request, and set up for Myself, a month long trial period. It being November, I entitled the trial period, The Muffember Challenge, in correspondence with the male Movember counterpart. I committed to five minutes daily use of this product, as an addition to My daily workout routines. It is now December, and I am continuing with this ritual, as part of My daily wellness practice. My initial experience was so profitable to Me, I wish to maintain the gains I have made, and continue to improve and enhance My pelvic floor health.

There are three main areas of fitness, that are focused upon when training the entire body. These are: strength, flexibility and endurance. It is important to address all of these three areas of fitness, as all are required to sustain ones ability to live a healthy, productive, and fun life. Tending to all three areas of fitness, also helps prevent injury, and speed recovery, if injury should occur. If any of these areas are left unattended, the bodys ability to perform is diminished. Inactivity eventually leads to muscle atrophy, loss of elasticity, and weakness. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, just like all others. If not tended to: if not exercised appropriately: it too, will lose strength, flexibility, and endurance. These muscles will atrophy, lose their elasticity, and become weak. As the old saying goes: If you don’t use it, you lose it. The eventual repercussions, of this neglect of the pelvic floor muscles, can range anywhere from painful intercourse, to the gradual inability of controlling ones bodily emissions, with the passing of time. On the other hand, maintaining pelvic floor health, can not only keep the pussy pleasurably purring, during all forms of sexual activity, but deliberately strengthening the area, can actually enhance the experience of sexual intercourse for both partners. Also, a strong pelvic floor, ensures that one will be happily sneezing, coughing, laughing, giggling, and bouncing around, through the decades to come, with no concern about embarrassing and ill timed, unexpected squirts. All this having been said, I will now move on to My personal experience.

As I have previously stated, just prior to receiving the invitation to test out this new product, I had already been contemplating the need to get My gear back into high performance shape. After eight years of abstinence from all sexual activity, other then clitoral masturbation, I was feeling quite concerned about My ability to participate in the act of sexual intercourse. This concern arose, due to the realization, that I once again had the desire to get back in the saddle. Being post-menopausal, I was quite sure that both this, plus My extended inactivity had probably resulted in, not only a weak pelvic floor, but even more distressing, a very thinly lined, atrophied vagina. The desire for intercourse had returned, but the prospect of it, was daunting. All I could think about, was the probability of intercourse being a painful experience. This thought was highly distressing, and was accompanied by what I began to refer to, as low sexual performance esteem. By the time I had been offered the opportunity to test out the FEMMEflexor™, I had already contemplated several options or avenues, to try and rectify the situation. All of them were unappealing, as most of them involved toys that were just too hard, or too big. I grieved the days when a megalodong, would have been a welcome challenge. But clearly, without some rehabilitation, those days were long dong gone.

Enter the FEMMElfexor. Soft. Squishy. Uniquely shaped. Not too big, not to small. Big enough to get the job done. But not so big, as to be intimidating. A lovely colour. Easy to care for. Very pleasant to look at. “Why yes!”, I thought. This could work! Although designed specifically to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, as I examined the device I realized, that indeed, this may well take care of the atrophy problem as well. So I made My commitment, determined to restore My pelvic floor strength, vaginal flexibility, and the performance endurance of the whole shebang: all three areas of fitness: strength, flexibility, and endurance, with one device. I was soon to find that there was also an added bonus to using this tool, but we will get to that.

So here’s what happened. The package advises that if one should experience any pain, one should cease use of the device. I, of course, was fully expecting to experience some discomfort, due to the atrophy. So I decided to trust My intuition, and proceed with gentleness, and self loving kindness. I will not lie. My first few attempts at insertion were not at all easy. It took some patience, maneuvering, and a whole lot of deep breathing. But after about three or four days of this, combined with extremely liberal amounts of lubricant, I found insertion became easier. My feeling of pre-insertion apprehension fell away. At this point I also discovered that, a more liquid type of lubrication, worked far better for Me, then a gel. I switched from Astroglide gel, to a product called Probe, which I continue to use, and still find very pleasant. Once the tool was inserted, it was smooth sailing! The device was extremely comfortable to work with. As I squeezed, I could feel My muscles contracting around it, with just enough resistance to pose a challenge, but not so much as to cause any unpleasantness at all. I started by deciding to contract for three minutes, using pulses that lasted about two seconds each. I began with about forty repetitions. Within a week, I was up to five minutes, and fifty to sixty repetitions. By the end of the first week, I could already tell, not only had flexibility improved, but by sensation, I could also tell that My pelvic floor muscles were stronger. At the end of the month, I was up to one hundred repetitions, in five minutes, alternating between pulses that were two second contractions, rapid fire pulses of ten repetitions in succession, and very slow long repetitions held for several seconds each. After the full thirty days of the Muffember Challenge, I definitely was feeling complete confidence, that My vaginal flexibility was intercourse ready. My pelvic floor muscles had markedly increased in strength, so that I was contracting the device like a boss. And to address endurance: if time would allow, I would now extend the five minutes to ten minutes easily. The strength and stamina are there, and by utilizing all the different pulse patterns, this has become a whole lot of fun. It’s like circuit training for the coochie!

And speaking of fun, there is of course one other thing that I discovered in exploring with this tool. As if I wasn’t going to try that out, just to see what would happen! So I did. The result? This tool for Me, offers up one of the most interesting orgasms, I have ever experienced. I would try to describe it, but I am afraid My words, would fail to even begin to give it justice. Speaking as someone who is highly orgasmic: clitoral, vaginal, g-spot: I’m not even sure what exactly this device is hitting, or how, but… WOW!!! And, every time I use this tool for this purpose, which is usually after I finish My formal exercises, I find that I get to know the orgasm better. The more I understand the dynamics of it, and how to read where it is going, the more dynamic, and expansive it becomes. Although not meant to be a toy, I have definitely found that using this device in this way, does bring a tremendous amount of enjoyment and satisfaction.

In the final analysis, this is what I have to say about the FEMMEflexor™. After the initial Muffember Challenge, and the additional ten days that I have continued to use it, I am in love with this invention. The three areas of pelvic floor, and vaginal fitness, that I sought to improve, have definitely done so. Strength has increased. I sit here at the computer, even without the presence of the device, and I can feel the power of My pelvic floor muscles, as I contract them occasionally while writing. Not only do I feel their strength, but I am consciously more aware of their presence, and how they work. I can feel their support. Vaginal flexibility has increased. Insertion is no longer a problem, and the added experience of masturbation with the device, has clearly demonstrated to Me, that I am indeed, intercourse ready. My desire to extend the period of time that I use the device, and the variety of pulses that I implement from slow, to rapid succession, to isometric contraction, informs Me, that endurance and stamina have been firmly established. Of course, My first back in the saddle marathon, will probably be the true test of all of these improvements. For the first time in a long time, I feel confident, if not even a little “cocky”, about My ability to “save a horse, and ride a cowboy”! Perhaps for Me, in this final analysis, that has been the greatest gain. By accepting this request, setting up this challenge, and committing to My pelvic floor health, I have liberated Myself from, what had almost become a sense of despair about the status of My sexual readiness. My sexual performance esteem has been fully restored, and for that I am truly grateful.

If a woman could only purchase one device: a device that could cover all her bases, I would be inclined to recommend the FEMMEflexor™. After My experience with this invention, I think it would be lovely if every woman could own one. It is with great sincerity, and confidence, that I give the FEMMEflexor™ a two thumbs up, and a kiss on the cheek for good measure!

Finally, from one woman to another. No matter how you should choose to do it, keep that magical box of yours in the best shape you possibly can. In so doing, you will be insuring for yourself, a lifetime of ecstatic sensation, that can only be described as the orgasmic pause that refreshes. Make it your gift to yourself!



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