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How to Use Your Femme Flexor


Clean and sanitize

Use warm water and a scent-free soap for sanitizing both your hands and the tool.

Find a comfortable position

We recommend sitting or lying on your back in a semi-reclined position, with pillows supporting your upper body. You may also like to place a pillow under your knees.
You’ll quickly find what works best for you.


It’s best to use water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the narrow end of the Femme Flexor.


It’s important to completely relax when inserting the Femme Flexor. Your pelvic floor is part of your deep core muscles, so relaxing your upper body and abdominal muscles is going to make insertion more comfortable.

Slowly insert the Femme Flexor into your vagina – just past the entrance – no further. When the entire tool is inside, simply remove your fingers. You’ll likely experience a sensation of fullness may immediately feel the impulse to contract your pelvic floor muscles around the device.


Take a deep breath in. As you begin to exhale, contract your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing around your Femme Flexor. Keep breathing out while holding your contraction. Do this for five seconds. Your diaphragm (your breathing muscle) and your pelvic floor muscles are connected like a piston. When you inhale, your pelvic floor is pushed down. When you exhale, your pelvic floor is lifted up. You should use the momentum of your exhalation to contract your pelvic floor.

Repeat this exercise 10 times, and continue to breathe. Do not hold your breath.

As your pelvic floor muscles become stronger, you can increase the number of sets and begin to hold your contraction for up to ten seconds at a time.


Use warm water and a scent-free soap to sanitize your hands. Being relaxed is essential to comfortably removing the Femme Flexor, so find a comfortable position. We suggest you try returning to the same position you chose to insert the Femme Flexor, or try squatting down, or standing with one foot elevated. To remove the Femme Flexor, put one or two fingers inside your vagina. Use your stomach muscles to push the Femme Flexor down. Grab hold of one of the device apertures. Once you have looped your finger into an aperture, slide the Femme Flexor out, gently rocking it from side to side.

Clean and store

Rinse the Femme Flexor with water and scent-free soap. Do not forget to clean the apertures. Store in the original Femme Flexor cotton bag.