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Femme Flexor + Sutil Luxe + Coco = Floorgasm !

This Trio is guaranteed to provide a unique sensation by adding the lightweight resistance of a Femme Flexor to your orgasm !

Coco is versatile and easy to use. The head has two buttons, one to activate vibration, the second to activate suction.

  • There are 10 modes for each function, 7 are intensity related and 3 are random modes.
  • Coco bends, so you will enjoy external pleasure… and/or internal pleasure! 
  • Shared with a partner or used alone, Coco is highly versatile and works with ALL bodies. 

Of course, you can activate suction mode alone, vibration alone or both at the same time. And adjust each to its respective power! 

🌱  Made of medical silicone, it does not contain allergens 

💦 Waterproof

⚡️ USB rechargeable (cable included)

😎 2 year warranty

Sutil Luxe lubricant water-based organic formula is glycerin and paraben free. This best selling lubricant is PH balanced perfect for delicate tissues.

Femme Flexor is the only pelvic trainer that uses resistance. A simple gimmick free product. Its soft and gentle design

Experience the bliss of this Femme Flexor Fun Trio! Elevate your pelvic floor exercise routine with a touch of pleasure, connecting with your higher self.  

Choose either Blush or Blue. #FemmeFlexor #SelfCareJourney #PelvicFloorHealth

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2 products