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Your Pelvic Floor Matters

1 in 3 vulva owners experience pelvic floor issues including incontinence.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (Kegels) is more than 5 times as effective as no active treatment in improving urinary & fecal incontinence.

Research suggests that about 40% have difficulty performing a proper Kegel, and may be exercising in a way that could make things worse.

Femme Flexor is a tool designed by experts to help you Kegel more effectively and safely.

Learn about your pelvic floor

What Femme Flexor can do for you

  • Live More. Leak Less.

    Are leaks interfering with your ability to enjoy the things you love? Let's sort it out so you can get back to the good stuff in life!

  • Feel Your Floorgasm

    Experience self-care through pleasure. Come into your body, enhance arousal, lubrication, and orgasms.

  • Reconnect Postpartum

    Rebuild and restore safely using soft resistance training that works with your body.


“I wish I had started using the Femme Flexor in the early days post birth. I am just so relieved that I have been able to find something that has helped me with a problem that I thought that couldn’t be fixed.

Using it for just a short time each day, I can say that I have already seen a difference in my bladder control after one month of use.”

Katie, UK

“As a new mom navigating a post-partum body, the femme flexor helped me ease back to myself wonderfully and without pressure.

I was able to strengthen my pelvic floor and regain my confidence while enjoying myself.

I love the sleek, feminine, discreet design and it is so easy to use and see results!”

Christina, CA

“The Femme Flexor is gentle and safe to use. As a device that assists in correctly performing kegel exercises to safely strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, it is safer than the rigid, weighted devices that are currently on the market,”

Dr. Marc Engfield, MD FRCP

"I also let you know, that I’d try your Femme Flexor, which I did last weekend.  I loved it .  Was very comfortable inside of me, with no issues inserting it.  I had MY PARTNER insert it and pull it out, which was not an issue at all.  We used IT  WITH A  Pleasure Pod by inserting a piece, before we inserted Femme Flexor.  I even had an orgasm with it in me.  It was like a magic trick because once it was inside of me I didn’t feel a thing, so comfortable.    I’ll use it again for sure, and next time on my own.  The material of the Femme Flexor feels so good to the touch, washes up really well under hot water with a mild soap. Well done!" - Deb, CA


I used the Femme Flexor for a yoni massage. The product gave me much added sensation during orgasm. It was very pleasant !!!

Cynthia, Ontario, Canada

I have been using the Femme Flexor for about 3 months now and I have noticed a huge difference.   I haven't birthed any children but still felt I didn’t have the best bladder control and that things could be tighter.  After using the Femme Flexor regularly I am more confident, my muscles have definitely tightened up, my orgasms are more intense and I am happy that I no longer have to run to the washroom after I sneeze.  I am happy I found a great natural way to strengthen my pelvic floor that's easy to fit into my routine and as a bonus it's quite pleasurable to use.  

- Jessica, Canada

A New Standard in Pelvic Floor Care

Did you know your pelvic floor is considered an emotional organ? Our experts get it; that's why we crafted a tool to reconnect you with your body and breath.

Use Femme Flexor intentionally for 5 minutes 3 times a week to to improve bladder control, reduce risk of pelvic organ prolaspe and help with sexual dysfunction.

How it Works

The Femme Flexor Method


    Improve mind-body connection through intentional breath and movement. Femme Flexors patented resistance method engages your pelvic floor muscles for a better workout.


    Gently boost pelvic strength with functional fitness, improving flexibility, posture and confidence.


    Made in Canada with certified platinum grade silicone. Body safe and non-porous, hypoallergenic, free from BPA, phthalates and PVC.

Feel your freedom from within

Feel the Flexor Difference

  • Weightless

    Explore a gentle way to improve pelvic wellness. Our lightweight design offers a safe and holistic experience for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

  • Resistance

    Femme Flexors patent method is based on weightless resistance. It's like a pilates band, but for your vagina!

  • Body-Safe Silicone

    Platinum-grade, non-porous silicone, so you’ll never have to worry about unsafe toxins or contaminants. Proudly made in Canada.

How it Works

Created by Experts

Femme was was designed by a sexual wellness expert and physiotherapist who share a passion to make a real difference in pelvic floor health. Designed and made in Canada.

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Try Femme Flexor Risk-Free

With our 60 Day satisfaction guarantee

  • Buy Femme Flexor online or in-store.
  • Follow our guide to using the Femme Flexor to enhance pelvic floor strengthening exercises.
  • Not for you? We’re here to provide additional advice on how to use the pelvic floor exercise tool or we’ll give you a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Femme Flexor if I am pregnant?

Yes! As long as you can comfortably and safely have penetrative sex, you can use the Femme Flexor. If your healthcare professional advises you against penetrative sex during any term of your pregnancy, do not use the Femme Flexor.

Can I use the Femme Flexor after childbirth?

If you can comfortably and safely have penetrative sex, then yes, you can use the Femme Flexor. Using the Femme Flexor after childbirth can be an excellent way to regain pelvic floor strength and deal with potential postnatal bladder leakage. If you are unsure, please consult your healthcare professional.

Can I use this product if I have prolapse?

Yes, the Femme Flexor may be used for anyone with prolapse. The Femme Flexor, if used correctly, supports the improvement of prolapse and/or urinary incontinence. For anyone experiencing vaginismus or general vaginal pain and discomfort, the Femme Flexor should not be used.

Is the Femme Flexor safe to use?

The Femme Flexor is a pelvic floor exercise tool perfectly safe to use for everyone except those suffering from acute or chronic vaginal pain. Anyone experiencing such pain should seek professional medical advice.

If pregnant, the Femme Flexor should only be used if a healthcare professional says it’s safe for you to have penetrative sex. Consult your medical professional if you are unsure.

Do you ship worldwide?

The Femme Flexor can be shipped worldwide. For orders outside of North America, longer shipping time should be anticipated.

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