Our Promise

"As a new mom navigating a post-partum body, the femme flexor helped me ease back to myself wonderfully and without pressure.

I was able to strengthen my pelvic floor and regain my confidence while enjoying myself.

I love the sleek, feminine, discreet design and it is so easy to use and see results!"

Christina, CA

"The Femme Flexor is gentle and safe to use. As a device that assists in correctly performing kegel exercises to safely strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, it is safer than the rigid, weighted devices that are currently on the market,"

Dr. Marc Engfield, MD FRCP

"I’ve never felt more connected to the incredible power of my pelvic floor.”

Samantha, CA

"I wish I had started using the Femme Flexor in the early days post birth. I am just so relieved that I have been able to find something that has helped me with a problem that I thought that couldn’t be fixed.

Using it for just a short time each day, I can say that I have already seen a difference in my bladder control after one month of use."

Katie, UK