FAQ – About Using

Is the Femme Flexor right for me?

The Femme Flexor is an excellent pelvic floor strengthening tool for anyone wishing to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The Femme Flexor is helpful for those who suffer from symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) or simply want to prevent PFD. Symptoms of PFD include stool or urinary incontinence, painful urination or defecation, pain during physical activity, or prolapse (where the vagina or rectum protrudes from the body).

Consult your physician if you require medical advice concerning your pelvic floor or vagina.

Is the Femme Flexor right for me? Is the Femme Flexor safe to use?

The Femme Flexor is perfectly safe to use for everyone except those suffering from acute or chronic vaginal pain. Anyone experiencing such pain should seek professional medical advice.

If pregnant, the Femme Flexor should only be used if a healthcare professional says it’s safe for you to have penetrative sex. Consult your medical professional if you are unsure.

Is the Femme Flexor right for me? Is the Femme Flexor safe to use? What kind of lubricant should I use to help with inserting the Femme Flexor?

Only water-based lubricants should be used with the Femme Flexor. As the Femme Flexor is made from silicone, it may degrade if used with silicone lubricants or oils.

How long do I leave the Femme Flexor in for?

As the Femme Flexor is a pelvic floor strengthening tool made from 100% body-safe platinum-grade silicone, it may be left inserted for up to 8 hours. It is, however, recommended to be used mindfully and in accordance with one of our training videos. Generally, as little as 5–15 minutes of pelvic floor strengthening exercises per day are sufficient to yield benefits. Many people enjoy wearing the Femme Flexor during a yoga or pilates class. This is perfectly fine!

Can the Femme Flexor get lost inside of me?

The Femme Flexor is easy to remove and cannot get lost inside of your body. When ready to remove our pelvic floor strengthening tool, simply reach for one of the apertures (holes) and pull it out.

Can I use this product if I have prolapse?

Yes, the Femme Flexor may be used for anyone with prolapse. The Femme Flexor, if used correctly, supports the improvement of prolapse and/or urinary incontinence.

For anyone experiencing vaginismus or general vaginal pain and discomfort, the Femme Flexor should not be used.

Can I use my Femme Flexor during yoga or workouts?

Using the Femme Flexor during yoga or regular excercise is perfectly safe. Many may enjoy completing their pelvic floor training as part of their regular exercise routine.

Why Should I Use The Femme Flexor over other pelvic floor trainers?

The Femme Flexor was conceptualized and designed by women in the hopes of making a real difference to the lives of people with pelvic floor issues.

We want to nurture a space for important conversations around pelvic floor health and to remove elements of shame that are often associated with our bodies. A weak pelvic floor should not be a source of embarrassment or shame.

As such, we see the Femme Flexor as a tool of empowerment, giving people the opportunity to feel stronger in their bodies.

Our team at Femme Flexor believe in engaging meaningfully with our local community. We have gone to great lengths to collaborate with Canadian manufacturers and producers to bring the Femme Flexor vision to life. We feel great about teaming up with our neighbors to ensure that the very best quality product makes it to your front door.

The unique design of the Femme Flexor targets multiple layers of tissue simultaneously, making it stand apart from other pelvic floor trainers. The near-weightlessness of the Femme Flexor is also an advantage. Regular kegel balls are typically weighted, making them sit lower in the vaginal canal. This position ignores the important higher and deeper layers of muscle within the vagina. The resistance provided by the Femme Flexor is directly connected to your pelvic floor muscles. This direct relationship allows you to feel more in control and connected to your body.

Can I use the Femme Flexor if I am pregnant?

Yes! As long as you can comfortably and safely have penetrative sex, you can use the Femme Flexor. If your healthcare professional advises you against penetrative sex during any term of your pregnancy, do not use the Femme Flexor.

Can I use the Femme Flexor after childbirth?

If you can comfortably and safely have penetrative sex, then yes, you can use the Femme Flexor. Using the Femme Flexor after childbirth can be an excellent way to regain pelvic floor strength. If you are unsure, please consult your healthcare professional.

Can I use my Femme Flexor if I have an IUD?

Yes you can. Again, as long as you can comfortably and safely have penetrative sex, you can use the Femme Flexor. If your healthcare professional advises you against penetrative sex, do not use the Femme Flexor.

What should it feel like when I insert the Femme Flexor?

You will feel a fullness after inserting the Femme Flexor, but it should feel comfortable – not unlike a properly inserted tampon. Completing your regular pelvic floor training exercises with the Femme Flexor can feel subtle or engaged, depending on your body. What’s important is to become connected to your pelvic floor and visualize the resistance of the Femme Flexor while performing your kegel workout. Many of you may notice the some muscle fatigue the day after your workout, much like the sensation you feel after a light workout at the gym. This is perfectly normal.

FAQ – About Buying

Do you ship worldwide?

The Femme Flexor can be shipped worldwide. For orders outside of North America, longer shipping time should be anticipated.

What is your refund policy?

Femme Flexor offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Whether the purchase was made in-store or online, a full refund will be given if you are unhappy with the product.

How long will my Femme Flexor last?

With proper care, the Femme Flexor should last for several years.

By using only water-based lubricants, the Femme Flexor will keep it’s integrity for a longer period of time.

Avoid cleaning the Femme Flexor with soaps containing oil, as these will degrade the product.

Where is the Femme Flexor manufactured?

The Femme Flexor is proudly sourced and manufactured in North America.

Can I purchase the Femme Flexor as a gift?

Yes! The Femme Flexor is a thoughtful gift for anyone looking for a pelvic floor strengthening tool such as new parents, health-conscious individuals, and yoga lovers alike. The Femme Flexor can be shipped anywhere!

How can I become a reseller, affiliate or create a partnership with Femme Flexor?

Want to work with us? Please visit the Partnership page on our website. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, reach out to sales@femmeflexor.com and a member of our team will get in touch.

FAQ – About Care & Hygiene

How do I clean the Femme Flexor?

Before using your Femme Flexor, sterilize the tool in boiling water. Make sure you use enough water to cover the Femme Flexor. After 3–5 minutes, the tool is sterilized and ready to be used. Always wash your hands before inserting and removing the Femme Flexor. Use warm water and a scentfree soap to wash the tool before inserting and after removing. Remember to clean the apertures (holes) of the tool.

Can I use the Femme Flexor while menstruating?

Using the Femme Flexor during your menstrual cycle is perfectly safe, but should not be used in unison with any insertable hygiene products (i.e tampons or menstrual cups).

My Femme Flexor has become discoloured? Should I be worried?

Over time, the Femme Flexor may dull in colour. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Make sure to clean your pelvic floor strengthening tool as per the cleaning instructions. Despite the change in colour, the Femme Flexor is still safe to use.

Could I have an allergic reaction to the Femme Flexor?

It is unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction using the Femme Flexor. The silicone used to make the Femme Flexor is produced in Alberta, Canada and exceeds FDA standards.