Kegel Strengthening Tools

A kegel device is a device which helps you perform your kegel exercises. They can be used in the privacy of your home and can most often be purchased online.

Many kegel devices are often insertable trainers which vary in weight, size and flexibility. They are inserted into the vaginal canal to accelerate the speed of which the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened. When a pelvic floor training is worn while performing kegels, results can be seen sooner. Equally, they can also be a great way to feel yourself performing each kegel.

Alternatively, there are devices which are considered “smart devices’ ‘ meaning they connect to a phone application and use games in unison with an insertable tool. These smart devices have the capability of giving feedback to the user regarding progress. These are often good for people who struggle to contract their pelvic floor muscles as the biofeedback is immediate.