Health effects

There is an abundant number of positive health effects through consistent and regular kegel exercise.

The most powerful effect of kegel exercises is on our mental health. For anyone suffering from incontinence or even postnatal bladder leakage, strengthening the pelvic floor is a journey to recovery. Feeling strong, hopeful, and proactive all contribute positively to our mental well-being. Taking control of our health feels great and seeing results feels even better.

Regular Kegel Exercise

Regular kegel exercise for pre and post-natal people can help with labour and recovery. Additionally, it can help with reducing or even preventing postnatal bladder leakage caused by a strained pelvic floor. For this reason, kegel exercises are often suggested and recommended by doctors, midwives and doulas.

Hormonal Changes

Menopause causes a lot of changes to the body, and unfortunately, the pelvic floor is often compromised due to these hormonal changes. Performing regular pelvic floor exercises can prevent, reduce or even reverse incontinence.

Positive Effect Of Kegel Exercise

A positive effect of kegel exercise, not to be overlooked, relates to sexual confidence and pleasure. Learning how to perform a kegel teaches the equally important factor of relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and not simply the contraction which is often most focused on. Furthermore, the deep breathing technique used in kegeling can get your heart pumping. With oxygen flowing, orgasms can be stronger and longer. Performing Kegels can also sometimes be arousing. This can help your body create natural lubrication and get you in the mood.