Kegel Exercises for Men

We often hear about women doing their kegel exercises, but did you know that men also benefit from this workout?

Performing regular kegel exercises can keep the pelvic floor muscles strong. Healthy pelvic floor muscles are essential for supporting the bladder and rectum. If you’re suffering from leakage of urine or stool, you may benefit from regular kegel training.

Urinary leakage or stool leakage can result from aging, excessive lifting, high-impact exercise, surgical procedures, obesity, or a persistent cough.

Follow these steps to get started with exercising pelvic floor muscles:

Locate Your Pelvic Floor

Locate your pelvic floor. If you stop peeing before voiding your bladder, you will quickly feel your pelvic floor muscles.

See Results Within A Few Weeks To Three Months

Be consistent! If you are performing your kegel exercises for 5 minutes per day, 3 times per week you should see results within a few weeks to three months. Your doctor may recommend more sets, so check with your physician or pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Learn How To Perform A Kegel

Be patient until you get it right. Take your time with learning how to perform a kegel. If you perform your Kegels wrong, they will not strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Make sure to sink up your breathing with the exercises. Contract your muscles for 3 seconds while breathing out, and relax your muscles for 3 seconds on the inhale. It’s easiest for beginners to lay on their backs