• Tracy

    I have personally found my use of the Femme Flexor to be unlike other products I have used for pelvic floor well-being. My experiences with weighted kegal balls and other commonly-recommended products were always “meh”. I would try them once or twice, insert as directed, stand up, and feel shame and frustration as the weight had them often start to slip out of my vagina. I felt broken. With the Femme Flexor, it is light, I have not had it slip out when I stand and walk, and the design actually has me able to feel my muscles squeezing it. I know I’m using the right muscles! I enjoy using this product thoroughly. Tracy

  • R.E.

    I am in my 50’s and have been doing kegel’s since I gave birth to my two son’s and I have also used weighted vag beads to strengthen my pelvic floor. I was very excited to try the Femme Flexor as I was told it can enhance masturbation. It inserts like a Diva Cup so if you have used one of those this will be a joke for you. For those of you who do pleasure yourselves I highly recommend this product to enhance this experience. It really increases pleasure and knowing that you are doing kegel exercises at the same time is a huge bonus. It’s also Canadian designed so it feels fab to be supporting a local designer. Give it a try you’ll love it!

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