Tolterodine (Detrol)

Tolterodine aka Detrol is used to decrease muscle spasms of the bladder that cause frequent urge to urinate, as well as other symptoms of an overactive bladder.

This problem makes people feel like they urgently need to go to the bathroom, even when they don't really have to. Tolterodine relaxes the bladder muscles, which can reduce this urgent feeling and prevent accidents.

People might use this medication because it helps them with these bladder issues. However, the medicine can sometimes cause some effects in the body:

Dry Mouth: It might make your mouth feel dry.

Constipation: It could make it harder to go to the bathroom for a bowel movement.

Blurry Vision: It might make your vision a bit blurry.

Dizziness or Sleepiness: Some people might feel dizzy or sleepy.

Stomach Problems: It could upset your stomach or make you feel nauseous.

Headache: You might get a headache.

Trouble Urinating: In rare cases, it might make it difficult to pee.

Allergic Reactions: Very rarely, you might have an allergic reaction like rash, itching, or trouble breathing.

Remember, not everyone will have these effects, and if you do, they might not be too serious. People use tolterodine to manage their overactive bladder symptoms because it helps them feel more in control and less bothered by the urge to use the bathroom all the time. Always talk to your doctor before taking any medicine to make sure it's right for you.