Exercises To Avoid

Pelvic Floor Exercises To Avoid

While jogging can be a great way to relieve stress, it might be time to stop if you are struggling with a leaky bladder. Any movements which stress or strain the core, may be harmful to your recovery.

When it comes to pelvic floor dysfunction, there may be exercises you’ll need to say goodbye to. Avoid exercises that cause downward pressure or strain on the pelvic floor. This includes deep squats, leg presses and abdominal crunches; these can worsen any type of prolapse condition. High impact activities like running may also be risky. Instead try low-impact workouts including pilates, yoga, or swimming.

If using a pelvic floor exercise tool, it is best to avoid anything weighted, as weight can worsten an already compromised pelvic floor. Opting for gentle, weightless trainer, such as the Femme Flexor is ideal.

Rebuilding pelvic floor strength takes time, but it can get better. With a little dedication to regular and gentle exercises, you may be able to jump back into doing all of your favorite activities again.

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