Kegel Exercises for Women

For decades, women have been told to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles by performing regular kegel exercises.

Most often, women first begin to understand the importance of exercising pelvic floor muscles when preparing for birth. More and more, doctors, midwives, and doulas are stressing the importance of training your body for a significant event, such as childbirth, whether a vaginal birth or birth by a cesarean.

Although childbirth is often viewed as a primary time to discuss pelvic floor health, causes such as aging, obesity, surgery, high-impact workouts/training, and persistent cough also contribute to a weakened pelvic floor. Postnatal bladder leakage is also a common problem for many women after giving birth. Seek help if you are anxious about a healing plan. Although leakage is common, it is not normal, and there are ways to control or even reverse it.

If you are suffering from leakage of urine or stool, it might be time to start performing regular kegel exercises. Kegel training is often a go-to starting point, so long as you are not experiencing any vaginal pain, it’s a great time to get started.