A kegel is a deep pelvic floor exercise that can be done by contracting and then releasing the pelvic floor muscles. In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold H. Kegel invented what we know as the kegel. The purpose of Dr. Kegel’s exercise method was to help women Exercising the Pelvic Floor Muscles and give women struggling with incontinence an alternative route to surgery. Kegels are done through aligning breathing with the contraction of the pelvic floor.

  • What are Kegel exercises?

    Kegel exercises are a simple method to exercising the Pelvic Floor Muscles. You can do these by tightening and releasing the pelvic floor muscles in conjunction with deep breathing. This will make the muscles stronger over time. Kegel exercises are quick, easy, and effective.

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  • Why do Kegel exercises?

    Kegel exercises can directly help to prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems. In addition, doing kegel exercises will build pelvic floor strength and target the deeper layers of muscle that cannot be reached by core training. The good news is that kegeling is an exercise technique that can be incorporated into almost any other workout once you learn how to do them.

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  • When to do your Kegels

    It is most common to first hear about kegel exercises when preparing for labor. Often, a doctor, physiotherapist, midwife, or doula may recommend kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles when preparing for childbirth. Whichever way you deliver a baby, there is a great benefit to having a strong pelvic floor for the delivery and postpartum process.

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  • How to do Kegel exercises

    For beginners, it may be best to lay on your back. This will allow you to focus on syncing your breath with your muscle contraction.

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  • Goals and benefits of Kegel exercises

    Kegel exercises are the go-to way to help prevent and manage incontinence and/or prolapse. Whether you are exercising in preparation for childbirth or due to incontinence from age-related changes, better connecting to your pelvic floor through Kegel exercises is beneficial.

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  • How to find your pelvic floor muscles

    Before performing any pelvic floor exercise, the first step is identifying the correct muscles.

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  • Kegel Checklist

    Once you know how to kegel, you’ll see how easy it is to implement this simple activity into your lifestyle.

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  • Health Effects

    The most powerful effect of kegel exercises is on our mental health. For anyone suffering from incontinence, strengthening the pelvic floor is a journey to recovery. Feeling strong, hopeful, and proactive all contribute positively to our mental wellbeing. Taking control of our health feels great and seeing results feels even better.

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  • Kegel Exercises for Men

    Performing regular kegel exercises can keep the pelvic floor muscles strong. Healthy pelvic floor muscles are essential for supporting the bladder and rectum. If you’re suffering from leakage of urine or stool, you may benefit from regular kegel training.

    Urinary leakage or stool leakage can result from aging, excessive lifting, high-impact exercise, surgical procedures, obesity, or a persistent cough.

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  • Kegel Exercises for Women

    Most often, women first begin to understand the importance of having a strong pelvic floor when preparing for birth. More and more, doctors, midwives, and doulas are stressing the importance of training your body for a significant event, such as childbirth, whether a vaginal birth or birth by a cesarean.

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  • Cautions

    Kegel exercising can have great benefits, but it is also important to take note of a few facts.

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  • Kegel Exercise Devices

    A kegel device is a device that helps on exercising the Pelvic Floor Muscles with kegel exercises. They can be used in the privacy of your home and can most often be purchased online.

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